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  • [press] Vogue Paris

          LED Eyelash has been featured in the Vogue Paris magazine March 2016 edition. This is quite special for the project, as the Vogue Paris was the first one I’ve lent this project for the photo shoot. And all the images are gorgeous!  If you have a chance to get one, please have…

  • [press] tanz magazine Vol.7.15

      German magazine, “tanz” (= dance),  featured some of my works in their 7/15 edition. By showing “Swing Skirt”, “LED Eyelash” and “The Snow White Magic Mirror”, the magazine talked about body politics; inspirational ideas in regards of enhancing the body languages. See more information by visiting their website ( ) – reading their magazines!  

  • [Press] _ Requiem For A Body

      One of my good friends, Alexa Pollmann, a narrative designer and speculative designer, wrote a great article about myself and Koby’s recent piece, Requiem For A Body, on her studio blog Peut-Porter. Alexa worked with us for this project, and has been given us a huge support and ideas for designing and producing the suit. Without…

  • [Interview] Wired UK

        Recently, I had been interviewed by Daniel Culpan, a journalist of the Wired UK magazine, talk about The Republic of Privacy project – related to on-going issues around security and privacy invasion. The full interview is available to read by visiting the link below:

  • [Interview] The Guardian/ The Observer

        I recently had an interview with a journalist from The Guardian/ The Observer, Kit Buchan, about my project, The Republic of Privacy . In the interview I was talked about my research process on the topic, mainly focused on  Sniffer Dog Authentication  .Please read the full article by visiting the link :    

  • [Press] Platoon Kunsthalle Magazine – The launching issue

      My good friends and supporter, Platoon Kunstalle, a subculture organisation based in Berlin and Seoul, has launched their magazine in last February 2015. The launching issue explores ‘wearable technology’, therefore I could be a part of the magazine. The magazine features number of interesting projects that related to ‘wearables’ from all around the world,…

  • [Interview] Clot Magazine

      Clot Magazine ( is an online platform that, through interviews with talented and inspiring people, will define the DNA of Creativity and Innovation. I did an interview with the chief editor, Lula Criado, for the ‘Talent Scouting’, and I would say it was one of the most delightful interviews I have been. Please read the…

  • [Book] Highlike Book

        Highlike ( is an online archive media, along with the sponsorship of an international media art festival, FILE (, which shows the expression diversity of a global contemporary art context. They recently published their the first an annual paper book, Highlike Book, which presents the work of artists who have been featured in their…

  • [Interview] Wired UK Magazine (May, 2014)

         I had an interview with Wired UK magazine about The Republic of Privacy, and you can see it in May 2014 issue now. Photography by Cristian Schmeer

  • [Press]

      An article about LED Eyelash at the To read the full article, please see the link below:    

  • [Press] Design Milk

      An article about the LED Eyelash from Design Milk. Read the full article from this link:

  • [Press] Daily Mail

            An article about LED Eyelash in Daily Mail (UK). To read more, please visit the link below.