[Talk] Platoon Kunstalle’s 1st Anniversary


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Soomi will have a small workshop about ” Fashion Technology” on this Friday night (09, Apr. 2010, 5 -6:30 pm )  at Platoon Kusthalle for their 1 year anniversary. The workshop is going to be composed with a lecture of Soomi’s that is about very basic stuffs of media fashion and making stories for wearable media by participants.?The participants can learn the basics of fashion technology, participatory design, user centered design or some body storming. The workshop won’t meant to be exhaustive understanding of media fashion but to expect participants get interested in more about it afterwards.

The clebrating events of the 1st anniversary of Platoon Kunsthalle is going on during 3 days from 8th to 10th April 2010. If you want to join the events, please check the schedules behind or check the more info at the Platoon Kusthalle’s official announcement link :