Performing Station

Performing Station project was a performance to suggest transformation of a non-space, a small or deserted space in the city where people don’t recognize its value, to a usable/productive space.

The target place for Performing Station project was a bus stop that was located nearby the Hyewha metro station, Hyewha-dong, Seoul, Korea. This bus stop reflected distinctive local characteristic, which attracted our team in choosing this location for our project. Moreover, this bus stop was located in Daehak-ro, a well-known cultural venue for young people. People crowd Daehak-ro thanks to a number of universities, various cultural activities – such as musical performances, concerts and plays at small and large theaters – and one of biggest hospitals in Seoul, Seoul National University Hospital. The target bus stop was used by countless people and numerous bus route networks every day. We conducted interviews and observation for a few days, and learned that despite these features, people were using this place only for waiting the buses.