B.Y.O.G.B (Bring Your Own Ghetto Bluster) vol 5 : Rock. Scissors.Paper.

Rock. Scissors. Paper. B.Y.O.G.B Vol.5 was a kind of event for art, dance, chat and hanging together in hongik area and under the Seogang Bridge, Seoul at 15th of May, 2010.
It was a really nice mop which mixed with all those great art scenes together with lots of people.

Soomi’s Swing Skirt was hanging under the Seogang bridge for the very first time be shown to the public after the Anxiety E(A)nd exhibition last year and LED Eyelash was also been there with her.

Thank you for Jamie Bruno who enjoyably played Swing Skirt with her even took some possibility of danger to fall. And great pictures credit to Lenny Corea, Ahopsi (Kanghee Lee) and xoxokids Chad.

You can check to get more photos and info about this event to visit KalmontFamily and thexoxokids sites.

Photo credit to Lenny Corea, Ahopsi (Kanghee Lee)