[Exhibition] Run Human

Run_Human : Exbihition
12 – 22, July, 2007
Triad New Media Gallary, Seoul, Korea

Perfomance Model by Anna Choi
Photo shoot by Soomi Park

Digital Veil by Soomi Park
Spacial Poem by Jinyoung Choi
3S (Spin, Sound, and Sight) by Minsoo Kang
Audio Interactive Flying Architecture (Audio Kite)/Generative abstracts by David Hall

<Run_Human> was an exhibition about digital media design with my colleagues(Jinyoung Choi, Minsoo Kang) and supervisor(David Hall) from IDAS collaborated.

Run human refers to “run“ the computer code language and “human” standing for the sociological and artistic point. The key areas of interest are, physical computing, augmented reality, the procedural approach. (Description by David Hall)