[Exhibition] Next No.5


Next No.5: Exbihition
4 – 6 April, 2008
Filmbyen, Århus, Denmark


This year’s Nordic Exceptional Trendshop is a hail to all Mindblowers – the mental movers, thinkers and doers that manage to rock our way of thinking and doing. Part exhibition and part conference, NEXT no. 5 shifts your mind from its socket through a burst of speaking thinkers and exhibiting experimenters. Take a break from forced free thinking and feast on the few that live what most wouldn’t even dream of. Innovation Lab has been round the world to select the best specimens of expanders in the realm of technology and product development.On April 4 in Aarhus, we buckle up to meet the makers of time to come.
Mindblowers, Mindblow us!
NEXT no. 5 is the fifth year where Innovation Lab is presenting a breathtaking conference program with state of the art speakers ready to share their thoughts, ideas and experiences. All and one desires to blow your mind.



The LED Eyelash project was a part of this exhibition.

Model by Ditte Ejbye-Ernst/Maja Kjaersgaard
Photograph by Soomi Park