[Exhibition] Anxiety E(A)nd Solo Exhibition

I will have a solo exhibition “Anxiety E(A)nd” which present her new works developed in the artist in residence program of Platoon Kunsthalle. During her studio residency, I have got interested in one of the human emotions, anxiety to develop the new artworks.
In the exhibition “Anxiety E(A)nd” she explores the state of anxieties among young creatives in Korea. Three installations provide an interactive experience that encourages visitors to face their anxieties and to find ways of dealing with them. “Anxiety E(A)nd”  is another demonstration of my ability to spot urgent social issues and to approach them in a technologically advanced yet entertaining way.

Duration_ November 18 – 28
opening event on November 18th, 7 pm

Location_ PLATOON KUNSTHALLE, Gangnam-gu, Nonhyeon-dong 97-22
Contact_ 02-3447-1191-7, www.kunsthalle.com

Opening Ceremony by _  Golden Spun + Bridget
Soonyoung Park