[Interview] Motherboard.tv

Motherboard.TV is an online video network and community focused on the exploration of the nature and culture of technology, as viewed through the lenses of curated editorial content, community, and dialogue.
They stream 100 percent original video content and complement it with sharply written stories by a revolving cast of editors from around the world.
In addition to sniffing out the smartest, most ground-breaking arbiters and advances of tech-related culture, Motherboard.TV also invites its viewers to join the discussion, serving as a much-needed forum for user-generated ideas and contributions. (via Motherboard.TV webpage)

I had an interview with Motherboard.TV about past artworks, artistic inspirations and for next works in last July. Now it is online to public and please visit the link to check it out: http://www.motherboard.tv/2010/7/14/q-a-soomi-park-on-the-medium-of-technology-in-art