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  • [Interview] The Guardian/ The Observer

        I recently had an interview with a journalist from The Guardian/ The Observer, Kit Buchan, about my project, The Republic of Privacy . In the interview I was talked about my research process on the topic, mainly focused on  Sniffer Dog Authentication  .Please read the full article by visiting the link : http://www.theguardian.com/technology/2015/apr/09/atm-sniffer-dog-privacy-issues-soomi-park-art-design    

  • [Interview] Clot Magazine

      Clot Magazine (http://www.clotmag.com) is an online platform that, through interviews with talented and inspiring people, will define the DNA of Creativity and Innovation. I did an interview with the chief editor, Lula Criado, for the ‘Talent Scouting’, and I would say it was one of the most delightful interviews I have been. Please read the…

  • [Interview] Wired UK Magazine (May, 2014)

         I had an interview with Wired UK magazine about The Republic of Privacy, and you can see it in May 2014 issue now. Photography by Cristian Schmeer

  • [Interview] London Korean Times

      A recent interview with London Korean Times. Please see the link below to read the interview: http://www.koreantimes.org/the-technological-art-of-soomi-park/      

  • [Interview] Designite Magazine

    A recent interview with Designite Magazine, to read the full article please see the following link: http://www.designitemag.com/interview-with-soomi-park/

  • [Interview] The Creators Project

      The Creators Project, a global cultural initiative by VICE and Intel Corporation, launched in 2010, is an ongoing multi-year program that is dedicated to identifying leading artists and enabling them to showcase their works and artistic visions through technology and interactive media. The program includes The Studio, an international event series, a documentary TV…

  • [Interview] Motherboard.tv

    Motherboard.TV is an online video network and community focused on the exploration of the nature and culture of technology, as viewed through the lenses of curated editorial content, community, and dialogue. They stream 100 percent original video content and complement it with sharply written stories by a revolving cast of editors from around the world.…

  • [Talk] The Steve Hatherly Show

    Soomi was on the radio show yesterday (Thursday, 16, Apr), The Steve Hatherly Show (TBS eFM 101.3Mhz) for Artist Talk which about her new artist-in-residence program at Platoon Kusthalle and her art works. TBS eFM is an English radio channel for foreign Seoulites and English Speak Seoulites. And The Steve Hatherly Show is one of…