[Book] Functional Aesthetics (author: Sabin Seymour)

The LED Eyelash has been contributed to the book Functional Aesthetics, the sequel to Sabine Seymour’s highly acclaimed book Fashionable Technology (Springer 2008), explores state-of-the-art artistic and design examples with a focus on their aesthetic and functional aspects. Chapters such as Context as Prerequisite, Body Sculpture, or Transparent Sustainability provide in-depth studies of visionary projects between the poles of fashion, design, technology, and sciences, which could stimulate new developments in the blossoming field of Fashionable Technology. The book also includes relevant information on DIY resources, publications, inspirations, and much more. (via www.functionalaesthetics.org )

The book has been available in Europe since the end of September 2010 and launched in the USA in last week( 19, November 2010).

You can check more information at its official website_ http://www.functionalaesthetics.org/

Functional Aesthetics Visions in Fashionable Technology by Sabine Seymour

Graphic Design: Mahir Mustafa Yavuz

Research Assistance: Ricardo O’Nascimento

Copyediting & Proof Reading: Peter Blakeney & Christine Schöffler