[Online Exhibition] Vague Terrain (RE)PURPOSED CLOTHES

Vague Terrain is a web based digital arts publication that showcases the creative practice of a variety of artists, musicians and scholars. The project aspires to apply the focus and methodologies of academic and art journals and the tenacity and specificity of independent record labels to examine contemporary digital culture in an immediate and accessible manner. Content consists of curated visual, audio and written works, and now a companion blog. For better and worse this project is neither peer reviewed nor funded.

Vague Terrain 18: (Re)purposed Clothes focuses on projects that aim to change the original purpose of a wearable piece, adding new functions or even augmenting the existing ones and demonstrate how technology can expand the definition of fashion as wearable art. These works deal with privacy, ecology, communication, emotion and health – reflecting a range of human interests through clothing. Each contribution is accompanied by several quotations culled from dialogue between the designers and myself where they explain their ideas and vision about the present and future of wearable computing.

This issue includes work by:
Adam Harvey, Alexander Reeder, Biodevices, DADAgear, Elena Corchero, Francesca Lazavecchia, Joanna Berzowska, Soomi Park

To read the article here: http://vagueterrain.net/journal18

To read interview: http://vagueterrain.net/journal18/soomi-park/01

(via vagueterrain.net , article by Ricardo O’Nascimento)