[Book] See Yourself Sensing (author: Madeline Schwartzman)


See Yourself Sensing: Redefining Human Perception is an explosive and unique survey that captures a zeitgeist moment in art and design, exploring that fascinating relationship between design, the body, the senses, and technology. A timely discussion with cutting-edge design, See Yourself Sensing examines work from the last 50 years by artists, architects and designers who have been experimenting with the boundaries of our senses, changing the way we experience the world.
See Yourself Sensing discusses these astounding experiments with interactive design, cybernetics, neuroscience and art on an international level, surveying the work of both established an upcoming artists- including internet sensation Daito Manabe, and Korean artist Hyingkoo Lee, and collectives such as Realities: United and Viennese- based Gelitiin- and figures of worldwide acclaim, such as Ann Hamilton, Ernesto Neto, Carster Holler, Olafur Eliasson, Lawrence Malstaf, Rebecca Horn and Krzysztof Wodiczko.
The book explores projects such as solar- powered contact lenses that augment reality, LED eyelashes- by Soomi Park- and goggles that allow their user to communicate with electric fish- all created with the purpose of transforming and provoking the wearer’s sensory experience.
Madeline Schwartzman, Professor at Barnard College, Columbia University and Parsons: the New School for Design, brings together this unique collection of images that reflect sensory design in architecture, art and installation. Analyzing the importance and influence of body-scaled sensory experiments, Schwartzman reveals this intriguing relationship between the senses, the body, art and perception. A truly breathtaking account is for anyone with an interest in design, art and technology. (via See Yourself Sensing’s press release)

Soomi’s work, LED Eyelash is taking the pages of See Yourself Sensing, and if you are interested in new types of sensing body with diverse mediums, you must take a look this book!

The book has launched (with an exhibition) in London since June 23th at Black Dog’s gallery called Work: http://www.workgallery.co.uk

The author, Madeline Schwartzman is constructing a website right now: www.madelineschwartzman.com

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