La Manucure des Tabous (the nail salon of taboo) (2011)

We now live in a free information sharing society which allows us the freedom to talk about a plethora of subjects. The remarkable developments of ‘social’ technology and media have supported people in having their public voice. However there are still certain countries that limit information sharing, this can lead to subversive behaviours, for example, North Korea’s secret basement church. Despite risking their lives these people are still trying to share a ‘forbidden’ information within a small community, not simply to console their emotions but also to support each other.

Forbidden information exists in many forms; we often refer to it as taboo. With this in mind, how might a technological medium allow a small community to share forbidden information?

La Manucure des Tabous (the nail salon of taboo) is a speculative project to propose an answer to this question. In this scenario, we see the potential of exploiting the human body as a new medium for transferring forbidden information through organically embodied technologies.

Collaboration with Yuen Hsieh


Thanks to:

Anastasia Vikhornova & David Chatting (model)