Striving for 100% privacy (2012)

Regarding describing the liberal society, ‘100 percent of security’ and ‘100 percent privacy’ cannot exist at the same time.  We are quite aware of that wiretapping, and the other forms of message interception have been the common currency of espionage and intelligence services for many decades. Despite the constant arguments between scientists and sociologists, we cannot abandon all surveillance systems for an initial reason; security.  Furthermore, what about the authority of free-spreading pieces of information? On the other hand, we do not want to expose ourselves to surveillance for keeping our own life in privacy; it would be even better if it can be 100 percent covered.


Now, we are making a contradictory statement. Since innovative technology continues to evolve, the world becomes closer and closer by its effort.  However, to have this, we must accept the decrease in our own sense of privacy yet we are also using technology to find a solution for ‘anti-surveillance’. Therefore, is there any other way to make this nonsense society to be more  ‘sensible’?