The Republic of Privacy_ Chromatic Encryption (2013)

‘Chromatic Encryption’ is an alternative language system, which is applied to communication technologies in the Republic of Privacy. The ‘Chromatic Encryption’ has been started by the daily colour regulation rule, which was formed by the state to facilitate ambiguous physical identity in public space. The ‘Chromatic Encryption’ system uses human perception of colours instead of recognition of written letters and numbers. Therefore people can control their own language system for products such as a mobile phone or computer.

The aim of this system design includes critical questions: How can people communicate with others through technology without any concerns about privacy invasion? What kind of rules and language can support this system? Whilst communicative technologies have developed with mobile network systems in the digital society; there is no other way to communicate with others who are far away without using the system. Therefore this new language system allows people continuously to have the benefit of using the mobile network system whilst guaranteeing private communication.

The Republic of Privacy overview

The Republic of Privacy is a fictional nation where people can live in absolute privacy. This project starts with a simple question: What kinds of new systems are needed to guarantee a life that is 100% private?

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Elodie Mallet, Henrik Nieratschker, Marcel Helmer, Lana Z Porter, Channing Ritter