The Republic of Privacy_Identity Marriage (2013)

Identity Marriage is a speculative ceremony for social interactions in the Republic of Privacy. The ‘True Name Device’, which facilitates private communication, information can be exchanged or exposed within the boundary of personal decisions.

The Identity Marriage addresses issues of identity ownership. Today’s digital technology exposed personal information and generates problems of data security up to identity theft. ‘Identity Marriage’ shows an alternative in which the individual is in total control of his personal information – by sharing them genuinely with someone they sincerely trust.

Thereby the project raises questions about the value of information and intimacy: What new sociological value can be derived from sharing personal information? How can people form relationships in this fictional nation? What can new technological devices support this new cultural system?

The Republic of Privacy overview

The Republic of Privacy is a fictional nation where people can live in absolute privacy. This project starts with a simple question: What kinds of new systems are needed to guarantee a life that is 100% private?

Project website:

Thanks to:

Christian Schmeer (photography)

Joyce Wong (fashion design)

Heo Sohn (fashion styling/directing)

Carol Timperman (makeup/hair)

Shiori Clock (illustration)

Marcel Helmer (assist)

Lana Z Porter (caption)

 Julia Haensel (location support)

Channing Ritter (script)