The Republic of Privacy_ Sniffer Dog Authentication (2013)

Sniffer Dog Authentication is an identification system that works on human odour. Instead of using written personal data storage for authentication, this system employs dog’s smell recognition for identification. This is used in financial applications, such as ATM and pay envelopes, driving licences and healthcare certificates.

The Sniffer Dog Authentication system raises the issue of personal information in the financial system. By showing an alternative identifying system, the project reveals the complex structures of today’s financial system. This convenience system relies on correct identification of the individual, therefore security threats to personal data are no longer an issue.

The deeply embedded reliance on those data in the system makes alternatives seem unfamiliar. The oddness in the design solution emphasise the importance and complexity of those issues.

The design exemplifies what new human-technology interaction are necessary in order to use this system. How will the sociological definition of ‘privacy’ change if people have to let a dog sniff their private body parts in order to have freedom from personal data storage?

The Republic of Privacy overview

The Republic of Privacy is a fictional nation where people can live in absolute privacy. This project starts with a simple question: What kinds of new systems are needed to guarantee a life that is 100% private?

Project website: the republic of privacy

Thanks to:

Hyung-ok Park (3D design)
Elodie Mallet (3D design)
Marcel Helmer (photography)
Adam Peacock (visual effect)
Henrik Nieratschker (graphic design)
Jennifer Morone (modelling)
Lana Z Porter (title/caption)
Channing Ritter (script)