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  • [exhibition] SECRET: Nothing to See Here

        “SECRET IS A FREE EXHIBITION EXPLORING THE FUTURE OF SURVEILLANCE, ESPIONAGE AND PRIVACY. From government surveillance to Hollywood spoilers, everyone has a secret. How do scientists, hackers, spies, journalists, psychologists, criminals, companies and governments approach this new world of secrets? From Easter eggs to cryptocurrencies, puzzles to politics, SECRET asks what needs to…

  • [Interview] Wired UK

        Recently, I had been interviewed by Daniel Culpan, a journalist of the Wired UK magazine, talk about The Republic of Privacy project – related to on-going issues around security and privacy invasion. The full interview is available to read by visiting the link below: http://www.wired.co.uk/news/archive/2015-04/28/republic-of-privacy

  • [Interview] The Guardian/ The Observer

        I recently had an interview with a journalist from The Guardian/ The Observer, Kit Buchan, about my project, The Republic of Privacy . In the interview I was talked about my research process on the topic, mainly focused on  Sniffer Dog Authentication  .Please read the full article by visiting the link : http://www.theguardian.com/technology/2015/apr/09/atm-sniffer-dog-privacy-issues-soomi-park-art-design    

  • [Exhibition] Biennale Internationale Design Saint-Étienne

        One of my projects, The Republic of Privacy  is exhibiting in Biennale International Design Saint-Étienne, in the Hypervital exhibition curated by Benjamin Loyauté since 12th of March 2015. The biennale is one of a major international design event that has started since 1998, “firmly rooted in innovation, prospective and research through design”. This year’s theme…

  • [Interview] Wired UK Magazine (May, 2014)

         I had an interview with Wired UK magazine about The Republic of Privacy, and you can see it in May 2014 issue now. Photography by Cristian Schmeer

  • [News] The Republic of Privacy project website is now online!

    The Republic of Privacy project website is now online! You can see all the project in one sight and follow all the stories in the nation. Please visit, and enjoy the republic! http://therepublicofprivacy.org  

  • [News] Design Interactions 2013 website is ready.

      The website of projects from this year’s Design Interactions graduates is now live: di13.rca.ac.uk Please visit and see the works of us.