[Workshop] Artscience Workshop: Le Laboratoire de Paris


I am going to attend as a member of RCA mentor group (with Agatha Haines and Louis Buckley) in this year’s Artscience Workshop,Le Laboratoire de Paris, to mentoring young students from all over the world.  Here is a short introduction about the the workshop:

The 5th annual Artscience Workshop will focus the considerable attention of more than 70 students, 7 accomplished speakers, and a diverse set of mentors and faculty on Virtual Worlds. The Artscience Workshop was first conceived in 2007 by David Edwards as an opportunity for Harvard undergraduate students (in a course titled ES147: Idea Translation: Experiments in Arts and Science) to travel to Le Laboratoire (the newly opened art and exhibition center in the heart of Paris) and continue to develop their ideas through cultural incubation and design. The Workshop nearly doubled in size every year and has hosted speakers from leading European and American Universities as well as serial entrepreneurs and world renowned artists. Initially student ideas covered a breadth of cultural and commercial applications from museum discovery tools, to molecular gastronomy, off-grid lighting, and breathable foods. Today all Artscience Labs entities work towards Annual Themes driven by expert mentoring and exhibition opportunities. This year, Artscience Labs will explore the theme of Virtual Words.

At  the  workshop  students  interact   with  international  experts, students  from  other  ASP  and  Idea Translation Lab  sites  throughout  Europe,  Asia,  and   the  United  States.    During  the  workshop  students  work  on  art  and  design  development,  business  plan   development,  intellectual  property,  presentation  skills,  prototyping  with  designers  and  team-­?building  that   will  facilitate  translating  their  ideas  further.”


To get more information, please visit the official site of workshop: http://www.artscienceworkshop.com