Digital Veil (2007)

Digital Veil is a project that started from the curiosity about the emotional source that drives people to be obsessed with plastic surgery.

Throughout human history, people have always wanted to look more attractive. They played with fashion and makeup to create better looks. The new wave of plastic surgery has attracted those who always look for better and newer ways to needs their pursuit for aesthetics because plastic surgery can generate unexpectedness, more dramatic and gratifying looks as results. Since plastic surgery became cheaper, and its skills advanced to be more precise, now people can afford to use the surgery just for the thrill of having surgeries obsessively, for the fetish of distorting one’s face.

Digital Veil provides a simple, easy-to-use and less intrusive solution to people’s need for distorting the face without surgery. An LCD panel without its backlight is linked to a computer, which makes it easy and practical for people to enjoy the Veil’s powerful effect. Digital Veil creates the desired look between the wearer’s face and the LCD panel. The LCD panel has black and white animation feature, which makes Digital Veil more versatile. Speakers and a volume control are attached to Digital Veil, which adds to its versatility and attractiveness.

Thanks to:

Minsoo Kang (photography)

Haeun Jung & Jeeyoung Lee (model)