Swing Skirt (2009)

Swing Skirt is literally a skirt that can be used as a swing. It is known that the act of swinging provides a sense of stability, like a baby’s cradle, a hammock, and a swing. The work derives from a research about the influence of swinging on nervous people. Although the body is constantly responsive to stress levels, people often underestimate this fact. Mostly, people neglect physical stress, while anxiety takes its place in their heads without being consciously noticed.


The skirt shows this excitement visually as it is responsive to heartbeats. The lights on the skirt reveal how the pulse changes by regaining easiness through swinging back and forth in the skirt. The Swing Skirt can be used anywhere where it can be hung.

This project was supported by Platoon Kunstalle.


Thanks to:

Sang-hyuk Hong (electronics)

Helen Gi (garment)

Jaeyoon Yoon & Nara Shin (intern)

Hyoseok Kim (photography)