Personal Camp (2009)

Is there a way of saving the time that is eaten up by 96% of useless worries? Soomi Park creates the space called ‘a private space for anxieties’. The idea behind it is that such a space could help reducing everyday worries by focusing on the ‘real’ ones. The concept of Personal Camp is ‘a room where you pour out all kinds of worries’. Even though Personal Camp is installed in an “uneasy” height ironically each person can sit in a comfortable tent and pour out his/her intimate worries and fears. Additionally, one can listen to other people’s worries and fears secretly. This is a place of confession and listening to others’ anxieties.

This project was supported by Platoon Kunstalle.


Thanks to:

Sang-hyuk Hong & Jong-gon Kim (electronics)

Soon-young Park (Max/Msp Jitter codings)

Jaeyoon Yoon & Nara Shin (intern)

PeakPark (sponsor)