Vauxhall Trough Teeth! (2011)

According to recent anthropological research, people develop subliminal behaviours to resemble their neighbours. Therefore, people acquire a “local look” that allows others easily to tell where they come from. When it comes to teeth, do people have a particular “local look”? Is there a correlation between teeth and the local health care system? As a nation, Britain is infamous for having bad teeth, but is this the case?

Vauxhall Through Teeth! tries to address these questions and deconstruct stereotypes. The aim of the project is to build a database of local teeth by collecting images of people’s teeth. Vauxhall Through Teeth! is a philanthropical initiative that calls for the government and local councils to think about dental care and possible health care systems for the future.

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Thanks to:

Masayo Matsuda (photography)

Sebastian Thielke (filming)

Yuen Hsieh & Danyi Zhu (model)