Sh(EAR)ing (2014)

Sh(EAR)ing focuses on the human body as an interface for emotional expression and communication. The project firstly attempts to address public’s emotional needs that seem to derive from a deficiency of expressing emotions and desires. This project aims to create an emotional design piece that people can use to express their hidden emotions, such as anxiety or anger. Also, it allows people to share their emotions with others without language barriers. The device can share emotion also to people that are not physically present, in this sense sharing emotion can help to connect with a far away person and to release emotional tensions.

The project started from a simple question: Why human ears become red? The ears temperature changes by external environmental exposure, hormone changes as well as emotions. The project explores the idea of using the ears as a ‘visible indicator’ of emotions that are otherwise hidden.

This project is a collaboration with Lucia Marengo.


Thanks to:

Cindy Strobach (object development)

Mike Vanis (electronics)

Christian Schmeer (photography)

Ira Pappa and Lida Theodorou (model)